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    Life Changes & Challenges


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    Emotional Abuse Therapy


    Trauma & Anxiety Treatment


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    Losses and Transitions Therapy


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    Christian Counseling upon Request

    Our Treatment Focus

    Sometimes we need specific help for a challenge and at other times we simply need a compassionate listening ear to help us through some daily life struggles. Our belief is that mental health counseling should be approached with a holistic approach to mind-body-spirit renewal and restoration. 

    Breaking self-destructive patterns and using new positive coping skills, with strategic guidance, helps gain peace and balance in your life. 

    Therapy treatments are always based on your individual needs. The newest in Neuroscience has facilitated vastly more effective treatments for Trauma, Anxiety and Abuse recovery, thus helping you heal more quickly. 

    We welcome men or women, from ages 14 and up, who truly wish to improve their lives and gain more joy and peace of mind.

    Our Mission

    Each individual is unique yet we each experience joy and wonder, but also face life challenges, losses, and emotional pain.

    It is vital to me to respect and honor your preferences and beliefs, regardless of similaries, differences, or choices.    

    I believe each person is designed in the likeness of God, made with purpose and intent. My job is to walk alongside as you discover your own inner beauty, wholeness and purpose. Our shared goal is to help you heal from painful circumstances, perhaps toxic people or traumatizing events that have robbed you of your peace and belief in yourself.

    Rebecca Waterston, MA, LMHC

    New Directions Counseling

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